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When you have found a book or other item you like, it is easy and safe to buy it. You can choose to order by our secure online ordering system or to send your order to us by email: [email protected] Wholesale orders: Contact us at [email protected] Online Orders: Click on the “ADD TO CART” button under the item you wish to buy and it will be added to the website shopping cart. Want to buy another item? Browse through and add the items you'd like to buy to the cart. Once you're done, you can check out the products that you've chosen and their prices on the cart page. In case you want to buy more than one copy of any item that you have placed in the shopping cart, simply change the number in the Quantity box. Want to delete an item from your shopping cart? Click on the 'cross' button placed next to the item. When you are ready to buy, click on the 'checkout' button placed at the right corner. You will be redirected to the login page. If you already have an account, enter your sign-in credentials. Else, you can sign-up via your email, facebook or google. All finished, if it hasn't been auto-filled, enter your contact number. All finished? Now enter the shipping details. The delivery charge will be automatically calculated based on your location and the size of the book(s). If you have a promo code/gift voucher, this is where you redeem it. Now, click on the 'next' button to choose your payment method. As of date, our payment options are 'Cash on Delivery' for major cities in Nepal and 'IME pay' for other places. If all of this is completed, your order will be sent to us by our secure ordering system and you will receive an email confirming the order in detail (this email may take up to one hour to arrive).
Promo codes and discount coupons can be used to obtain a discount or claim an offer that we have provided you with. If the minimum purchase amount has been met, you can use the alpha-numeric code during check-out to claim the offer.

Please use our search feature to look for books, that’s what we do. You can run a search through the name of the book, the author's name, category and ISBN. So if our search feature can’t find them, we probably can’t help. Please make sure to enter the correct details (spelling wise) for the search to function properly even though we're working to make it perform better. However, if you have any particular book(s) that you're 'really' looking forward to read and it's not available with us, you can request an order through our order form or contact us at [email protected]

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