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Since 1991, Nepal Mandala Book Shop has existed as a tiny island of peace in a fast-moving world.
Thriving and growing every year, the business that started from a post-card board selling postcards to tourists in the heart of Lakeside has grown to be one of the hidden Jewels of Pokhara with floor-to-ceiling stacks of books and a generally inclusive vibe that makes it seem like a neighborhood spot for anyone and everyone. It now has one of the largest collection of books in Nepal and is a place you can easily get lost in. The shelves are filled with books you might have a hard time finding anywhere else in Nepal- the bookstore holds around 1 million books in stock and is a wholesale distributor as well.

Books Mandala

In a time when we sleep with our smartphones next to us and stare into our computer screens all day, what you share on social media tells a story about who you are and many can’t resist telling a story about themselves as smart, worldly, and well-read.
While the concept started with #bookstagramming the lofty collection at the book shop, Books Mandala has come a long way and is aiming create the largest community of book readers in Nepal.

Through Books Mandala, you can have multiple Universes at your doorsteps, no kidding! But it's more than just an online bookstore. We are also aiming to connect authors to their readers in a different way, a better way and we hope to inspire a reading culture in Nepal. We think we can make reading cool again- and now that the world of reading has moved to digital, we think we're going in a good direction.

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Easily stock your shelves at the comforts of your home through our safe delivery system. We delivery to major cities of Nepal and overseas.

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Although we're just getting started, we're aiming to provide beautiful content to people who love to read. Stay connected for recommended reads, book trivia, literary news, and more!

About Books Mandala

The internet is killing reading habits. Right? Maybe not.

While it is absolutely true that reading habit is dwindling away, we will not allow the wonderfully beneficial activity of reading die away.

We want to make the technology backlash a boon for books; for reading- by ceating beautiful and meaningful content that will make people want to give in. If you've got any suggestions that might help us, hit us up!

Nepal Reads

In reading, you can create. So if young people can get to reading, they can find their potential and they can make this world a better place.

In a way, Books Mandala has become a lifestyle brand to us, the Tech Geeks at Mandala IT Solutions. Our ideas are growing, developing and thriving — to create a community of book lovers online who could one day, use the platform to share their love of reading, connect with other bookworms, and support their love of reading.

Our aim is to get more people in Nepal to read books.

To eventually encourage more people in Nepal to write and to make reading less intimidating.

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P.O. Box:86, 14th Street, Lakeside


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