What's new in
booksmandala v3.0 ?
We’ve just introduced a fresh new look and added some helpful features at booksmandala.com. We are constantly improving our website and these are some of our improvements. If you have issues, have ideas to improve our website further, or have other feedback, we’d love to hear from you.
New Added Feature
New Added Feature
Revamped overall UX/UI design
We’ve redesigned the whole Books Mandala experience to make it easier and faster for you to find and discover your next favorite read.
New Added Feature
Implementation of Elastic search
We have worked on the ‘search’ feature at our webiste to allow for you to scan for books quickly, efficiently, and find books that you’re looking for, with accuracy in a matter of seconds.
New Added Feature
Select bookmark option added
If you ‘love’ our bookmarks like most of our customers do, you now have the options to choose which design you’d like to get with each of your orders. There are options for selecting different designs during checkout.
New Added Feature
Browse in Dark Mode
You can now switch between using light and dark mode, simply by clicking on the icon at the nav bar. The website can be light or dark themed according to your preference.
New Added Feature
Improvised checkout process
We have improved our checkout design to make it easier for you to shop. We now have a better, quicker, and more optimized checkout process.
New Added Feature
Added pay by other link feature
We’ve made it possible for you to share the payment links to someone else. You can now share a url to your friends and family and request them to pay for your purchase on your behalf.
New Added Feature
Multiple delivery addresses
You can now add, edit and update multiple delivery addresses to your personal profile as your delivery addresses for a smoother checkout experience.
New Added Feature
Personalized feed
We have added some personalization features at our website so that you can find and get recommendations based on your interests and past purchases.
New Added Feature
Book request
If the books of your choice are not currently available with us, you can request us to get the books for you.
New Added Feature
Made it easier to access your account and activities
You can now easily access your account and activities such as your past purchases, pre-orders, restock requests, wishlist, delivery address and more.