People were asked what the silliest/extreme things they’ve done for books are, the answers are worth a good read.

BooksMandala,   Blog   30 September 2019
People were asked what the silliest/extreme things they’ve done for books are, the answers are worth a good read.

Would you make friends with a junior just to coax her into making a library card so you could make her borrow books for you?…

We didn’t think so! But as surprising as it is, there are some people in this world that would do stuff like this and more for their love of reading.

A few weeks ago, we’d asked our readers to share about the lengths they’ve gone for a book on an Instagram Post as well as our story. Well, we were flooded with a ton of responses, some funny, some weird and some downright unbelievable! Here are a few of the most entertaining tales!


@deanlabaj – The Book Thief stole a book from the school’s library and isn’t sorry about it. Oh, don’t get huffy. Everybody we know has a stolen book story- be it from an ex, a friend or the library and it becomes a bibliophilic guilt we end up shamelessly carrying for most of our lives.

@shashirajkhadka was reading a book by Viktor Frankl “Man’s search for meaning” in Warsaw and forgot to get off at his station.. he reached the last station an hour far. Every once in a while, we end up picking up books that are so compelling we just can’t put them down until the last page. They’re just simply unputdownable and the experience is totally worth it. We’re happy to know @shashirajkhadka had that aesthetic experience.

@khus_012 holded in pee for more than 4 hours because of how engrossing the book was – err, definitely not recommended!

@pradip.pari Forgot to prepare for an exam – Fiction is a uniquely powerful way to understand others, tap into creativity and exercise your brain but we wouldn’t recommend reading getting lost in fiction, a day before your finals.

@erisedmagic pulled an all nighter even though he had exams the next day- Again, not recommended!

@aishiworyar quarrelled with someone who had the opinion that buying books is a waste of money. – While books can be expensive, ignorance is costlier. We’d love to know what points @aishiworyarmade because reading is indeed, a long-term investment.

@rikosha48 covered a book like it were a textbook so that she could sneak it to class and enjoy the read without the teachers noticing.

@yes_and_ace followed a random stranger on Instagram so he could borrow the book.

@amishi_pandey skipped college for 3 days.

Happiness does not need to be difficult and losing yourself in a great book is one of life’s biggest joys. We’re happy to know how these people had some absolutely exhilarating experiences.

Over to you!
If something as interesting has happened to you, tell us in comments.


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