On the roof of the world

By Richard Neleeon

Mountaineering,Non fiction | English

Rs. 638

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From Edward Whymper's conquest of the Matterhorn in 1865 through to the first ever ascent of Everest in 1953, and on to the extreme climbing (and associated apparatus) that dominates the modern-day incarnation of the sport, the paper has chronicled every development with insight and intelligence. This beguiling collection draws together a selection of "Guardian" writing that is both informative and celebratory, tracking the sport's history and uncovering how public perception has changed over time. - Postings on how cigarettes 'aided breathing' on some of the earliest Everest expeditions- Victorian advice to 'lady climbers' 'Small rings should be sewn inside the seams of the skirt ... [so] that the whole dress may be drawn up at a moment's notice to the requisite height'- Articles on scrambling, fell-running, rock-climbing and rambling. Whether you're a serious mountaineer or a weekend rambler, "On the Roof of the World" is packed full of insights and stories that make it the perfect bedside companion.

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